Mothers Day

Mothers Day today! Found something I wrote 18 years ago:


Mothers Day has come again

For a short nineteen years I gave presents to my mom.

I planned breakfasts, I drew special pictures, I picked flowers,

and felt guilty when I didn’t do enough.


A mother myself for twenty years,

Sometimes with expectations that were not met

Sometimes aglow with the love that has surrounded me.

So now another Mother’s Day looms in front of me


And it stings that it will come and go again without my own mom.

Now knowing the pain and the fear, the pride and the joy,

She must have felt.

…I can still see her face sometimes.


At forty-six, time has run its course along the lines of my face

Me now at the age she was when I lost her.

Like her, weathered by disappointments yet

held up and carried forward by love.


Happy mothers day Mama!

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