MY STORY: This journal began 65 years ago but it is just now being recorded. Its about time. Its about me. Its about putting the pieces together in some meaningful way and trying to finally make sense out of this bumpy, unexpected, wild and crazy journey. I want to go back and remember the beginning before my mind starts playing tricks on me. I want to live it all again through memories and through the words I record here, and weave it all together with today and who I have become….This will be my story.

MY BLOG: Also, starting on May 14th, 2016, at the age of 65, I will begin to blog, vent, share, write…a little each day. Or sometimes not. Just to get through the tough times. To get it all out and lay it in front of me so that it somehow makes some sense and feel a little lighter. Journal therapy if you will.

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